A little get away

My wife and I recently took a little trip to our favourite place to get away, Niagara Falls. I got these shots from our beautiful hotel room at the Marriott on the Falls.

Sarah and Jenn Garber Photography

Sarah, Jenn and I got together for a fun boudoir style kinda shoot. Jenn did the posing, Sarah did the modelling and I did the shooting. It was a ton of fun and cool to watch Jenn do her thing. Jenn of JennGarberPhotography is a very talented photographer and awesome at posing. I’m sure this wont be the last time all three of us work together.

Sitting on a Frozen Lake

As I sit in the snow on the partially frozen lake, it's -17 and I am frozen! Thinking about how i'm going to change 2019. I didn't really come up with anything other than take more photos, lots and lots of photos. 
January 1st 2019

Nita and Mat

Nita messaged me and asked if we could do another family shoot with her husband Mat and their pup Rusty, I said absolutely, Nita and Mat are fantastic to work with. We headed to Black Forest Park same place we shot last year except last year when we shot there was a full out blizzard going on so it was a bit simpler this time.

Family Christmas Card

My wife asked me why I haven’t ever made us a nice Christmas card? She’s right I guess I probably should…

Nailed it!

Nailed it!

Winter Couples Special

I have knocked 25 bucks off the couples shoots making it only 100 bucks! for a limited time only. Send me a message and let’s set something up in North Bay ON.

Photographer North Bay ON

Just before the snow

It’s been a while since i’ve been out shooting. I need to get on that! I took this the last time I was out, Just Before the Snow here in North Bay.


Chelsea and Jason

I had the pleasure of shooting with Chelsea and Jason on their 4th anniversary together. We were shooting their engagement photos at the best time of the year, fall. I will be shooting their wedding in September and I am excited and nervous at the same time, I’ve never shot a wedding before but i’m sure I will do fine…I hope so at least.

I Suck at Posing!

I suck at posing! 
But what I lack in posing people I make up in "catching moments" It's the shots between the posing I love the most. The real moments, real smiles, real happiness. 
Thanks so much Holly, Josh and Daniel. It was a bit chilly out but we still had a blast!


Autumn Drives

Sometimes you just need to grab your camera, get in the car, put on some good tunes and go for a drive. I don’t do it enough but I try to do it more when its fall. Living in North Eastern Canada we get the most amazing falls! The trees, everything slowly changing getting ready for winter. I don’t think I would rather live any where else.

Sigma 35mm Art

I picked up a new lens yesterday! Always exciting times for a photographer, not so much for my wife, yes they can be very expensive. I own a Sony a7rii camera and I love it, amazing camera. Ive always trade to stay with the native lenses (Sony) just because I always hear how they are usually the sharpest and work best with the camera. Only problem is the Sony 35mm is double the price of the Sigma, Now i’ve heard great things about the ART line Sigma offers so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I love it! Best lens i’ve ever owned and i’ve only used it on one shoot and I can confidently say that. I have a hard time believing the Sony version is worth the double price tag, guess I’ll never find out and I am ok with that. Below are some of the first shots I got with the new Sigma 35mm Art lens for Sony.


Another North Bay Sunset

I headed out to the local beach hoping for a beauty sunset, And as usual North Bay waterfront did not disappoint. It's definitely getting hard finding new things to shoot in this town. I have shot this tree a million times but I gotta say, it never disappoints. 

Sunset and a Paddle Board

  Kasey and I got together last night at Sunset Park to get some Paddle board shots and a sunset. The sunset did not disappoint and Kasey was on fire! Kasey works very hard on her body and living a healthy lifestyle and it shows! More will be added to the PORTRAITS page as soon as I am done the edits.

Ashlyin in Studio

I had shot with Ashlyin last year downtown and a couple studio shots so when Ashlyin messaged me that she was back in town for school I had to get her in my studio.

See the full shoot on the Portraits Page.


  Any chance I get I always drive down the local waterfront, yes its slower but its so beautiful down there its always worth the extra drive. I also like to scout for locations to shoot or new spots to get the sunset.  For the past while along the rock edge of the lake there have been all these Inukshuks (pronounced In-OOK-Shook). Rock men statues that are used by the Inuit to guide the way for them along the arctic.  So the first chance I got I went to the Waterfront to see what I could capture.



Trying some different edits from my recent shoot with Holly and Black Forest Park North Bay ON.


The sunset will do...

  I had a shoot planned for Sunday night but she got called into work. It happens and hey we all gotta pay the bills. So instead I decided to see if I could capture a good sunset at the lake. We had just had a storm and the sky had started to clear so I was hoping I would get some wicked clouds at sunset but unfortunately the sky cleard and there was only a few clouds. Non the less it was great to get out and watch another beautiful North Bay ON sunset.