Sigma 35mm Art

I picked up a new lens yesterday! Always exciting times for a photographer, not so much for my wife, yes they can be very expensive. I own a Sony a7rii camera and I love it, amazing camera. Ive always trade to stay with the native lenses (Sony) just because I always hear how they are usually the sharpest and work best with the camera. Only problem is the Sony 35mm is double the price of the Sigma, Now i’ve heard great things about the ART line Sigma offers so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did! I love it! Best lens i’ve ever owned and i’ve only used it on one shoot and I can confidently say that. I have a hard time believing the Sony version is worth the double price tag, guess I’ll never find out and I am ok with that. Below are some of the first shots I got with the new Sigma 35mm Art lens for Sony.