On the Beach with Veronica

Well sometimes life throws ya a curve ball. If you have been following me you probably noticed I missed my weekly portrait challenge. With work and family and personal stuff I just couldn't keep up. It really got me down at first, kinda put me in a slump but i'm back! Got to keep keeping on. It felt so good to get out and shoot again and I love how this shoot with Veronica turned out.

Grads 2018

Capturing moments, memories. Thats one thing I love about photography. I love when people put their trust in me to capture something that will last a life time.
Congrats AlecEmilyHannah Grace and Robert Leitner on your Graduating year. 
To ever lasting Friendship!

Deer Field

 I had brought my camera with me on my way to work to capture the tons of deer that have been feeding in a field on my way to work. Of course as luck would have it the deer were not there the day I decided to bring my camera.  On my way home from work this tower caught my eye just as the sun was going down. I pulled over and grabbed a quick photo. When I got home and loaded it on my computer it felt like something was missing. 

Niagara Falls 2018

  My family and I love going to Niagara Falls, we go once a year. It's a great mini vacation. The people are always nice and theres lots to photograph.

Spring at Duchesnay Falls

  Yesterday I took a hike to Duchesnay Falls to see if there was any flowing water. There was! there is still a lot of snow and ice but here and there you can find some water flowing.  I have shot at the falls 100 times but with our changing seasons here in Northern Ontario its never the same, there is always something different to shoot. If you get a chance to check them out this time of year be careful, It is very slippery and icy. 

North Bay Sunset

With my Follow Your Passion Challenge I started this year I have been shooting way more portraits than landscapes so it was nice to get out tonight and shoot a bit.  It was plus 5 here in North Bay tonight and if your not used to the Canadian winters its kinda a big thing when it starts to warm up. Unfortunately the ice on the lake hasn't started breaking up yet so everything is kinda bland and dull. Luckily I came across these rings on a rock to tie boats up to and took full advantage of it. 

Penny Shoot!

  Got together the other day with Penny for our third shoot together and as usual she did not disappoint! 

Family Maternity Outdoor Photoshoot

   I had the chance to do something a little different on Saturday, Allie asked if I would shoot her and her growing family.  I have shot Allie in my studio a year or so ago and was ready for the challenge. I asked Jenn my wife to assist me on this shoot, she has a great eye for poses and things I usually miss.  We had a blast and I look forward to more family shoots in the future.

This is also my Week 11 of my self challenge to shoot 52 shoots this year.

Curse the Northern Ontario Winter Wind!

  Ashylin and I tried to get some portrait shots with the sun setting at the North Bay Government dock. The wind was so cold there was no way we could stand an hour till the sun set so we got some great shots and headed off to a different location. More from this shoot will be up on the Portrait page.

North Bay Ice Follies 2018

 “Ice Follies is an ad-hoc collective that presents a biennial festival of contemporary and community engaged art on frozen lake Nipissing. Audiences are invited to engage with works situated off shore from the North Bay waterfront and along the shores of Nipissing First Nation.”.

The last couple years here in North Bay there is this thing called the Ice Follies on Lake Nipissing. I will be honest I don't know to much about it but it is really cool. It is a Native display, art if you will on the freezing frozen lake. I promise, when I post pics next year I will learn more and share with you guys. Here is what I captured tonight down at the North Bay Waterfront.

A new Fav!

   The other night Riley and I hit downtown North Bay at 6pm, in the dark! That had its challenges but I managed to push through and get this photo. One of my new favourites. I tend to be really hard on my self and I usually don't love or even like my work, just pushes me to keep going and learning. This shot though...I love it! It is exactly what I pictured in my head before the shoot began. Lets hope I can keep pulling these type of shots off. If not it's these shots that keep me going, drive me, make me watch hours of YouTube then go out and shoot.  So heres to chasing those Epic Photos!  


first sunset of 2018

  Finally took some time away from my portrait work to shoot some landscapes. It was cold out, I mean freezing! -20 with out the windchill. Lucky for me my daughter let me borrow her face mask to keep my cheeks from getting frostbite. I know I've shot the same sunset from the same spot 20 times but it still amazes me every time. I sure am lucky to live in Northern Ontario.

Follow your Passion Project

New Year, New Challenge!
At the end of every year I look back at all the shoots I have done for that year and always wish I had done more.
So I am Challenging my self for 2018 to do one full Portrait Shoot a week for the whole year. 
One a week might not sound like a lot but between my job, my family and helping my wife with her small business my Passion for Portraits tends to get pushed back. 
So this year, No Excuses . 
-I will shoot one Full Portrait Session (10-15 images) a week. (Studio or Outdoors) 
-I Can't shoot the same person twice within one month.
-If I miss a week I will do 2 the next week.
Here is where I need your help, If you would like to help me complete my challenge and get a free photoshoot please comment down below. 
If you comment down below I will be sending you a message some time (maybe last minute if someone cancels) to set up a date, time and work out some ideas. 
North Bay Area only.
Here's to Following my Passion for 2018!


Happy New Year

It’s been a great year. I didn’t shoot as many portraits as I would have liked but that’s the same every year. Maybe this year will be the year I shoot a ton of portraits!  Here’s to doing more of what you love I’m 2018! 


Just hanging out

I love capturing moments. Natural moments. Less posing the better. I prefer to be patient and wait for the moment, wait for the Natural pose. Like fishing or hunting if you wait long enough you'll get it.

wFrozenYogurt123 (1 of 1).jpg

Emma and Conner

  Melissa messaged me and asked if I would get some photos of her kids Emma and Conner for some Christmas cards.  I have shot Emma and Conner in the past, a few times and they are great kids so I said absolutely! 

Nita and Mat

 Nita ask if I would get some engagement photos of her and her 3 year fiancé. I'm pretty sure I haven't shot a couple before so I jumped at the chance to give it a shot.  Nita wanted something outdoors so I suggested Black Forest Park, defiantly one of my favourite out door places to shoot. When we got there it started to snow...a-lot! Totally gave this cool feel to the shoot. These two are head over heals for each other, which totally made my job easy.