Kassandra and a Sunset at the beach

Kassandra and I got together the other day for an easy going sunset shoot here at the beach in North Bay. We defiantly get some of the best sunsets and i’ve been taking advantage of that lately. If you are intrested in getting together for a shoot please send me a message here or on my Facebook page @EdworthyPhotography

Jasmine and a Sunset

I messaged Jasmine and told her I thought we were in for a good sunset and asked her if she would like to do a last min shoot! She said yes, I said you got 30 mins to get ready. I pulled up to her house to pick her up and she was not only ready she looked like a team had done her up! I am sure there will be many more last min shoots with Jasmine in the future.

Bobo Music

There is this incredibly talented rapper in town that goes by the name Bobo. Bobo or Brad and I have admired each others work on instagram for a while now and yesterday we finally got together for some shots. His girlfriend Sidney came along and I got some great shots of her and the two of them together as well. You can find Bobo on Spotify at Bobo Music or click here BOBO MUSIC for his YouTube channel. I had a great time on this shoot, Brad and Sidney are super easy going and fun to be around I look forward to seeing Bobo take his talent to the top and working with him again.

Ally Outdoors shoot

Ally and I have gotten together again! but this time we decided to get some shots outside. It might be May but we are also in Northern Ontario so its was pretty chilly outside. The cold didn’t faze Ally in the least!

Ally has a Fitness youtube channel she has just started that is defiantly worth checking out and if your into fitness definitely give her a subscribe you won’t be disappointed.


So i’ve been following Ally on Instagram for a bit now @allymfitness She is amazing and very inspirational. We got together for a shoot in my studio the other day and the results are fantastic. She is training for competitions so she has all her poses down and know exactly how to show off her assets. Ally is also down to earth and great to work with. I am excited to see what the two of us come up with for future shoots.

Nicole in Studio

Nicole and I got together for a easy going, couple outfit studio shoot the other day. This was the first time we met but we worked together so well. She has fantastic ideas for poses and is a total pro! It was nice to get back to shooting. It’s been a while since I shot in studio or outside and Nicole was awesome to help me ease back into it.

Jasmine in Studio

Jasmine and I got together again to get some head shots for her Miss Northern Ontario page . We also got a bunch of fun random shots, Its always fun shooting with Jasmine, You can tell she loves being in front of the camera and I love being behind the camera so its really a win win.

Jenn and Sarah

Sarah, Jenn and I got together for a fun boudoir style kinda shoot. Jenn did the posing, Sarah did the modelling and I did the shooting. It was a ton of fun and cool to watch Jenn do her thing. Jenn of JennGarberPhotography is a very talented photographer and awesome at posing. I’m sure this wont be the last time all three of us work together.

Jasmine in the Weeds...

Yesterday Jasmine and I got together for a quick shoot, no ideas no plans just a quick get out in the sunshine kinda shoot. We headed to Laurier woods and I am glad we did, found a perfect spot! Jasmine and I are planning to head to Black Forest Park soon so keep an eye out for that.


Esther and I have gotten together a few times now, She never disappoints, she has an awesome eye for fashion and is always ready to kill it! We decided to go to Black Forest Park, I have not been there since it has snowed and it was a great idea! The trees covered in so much snow looked amazing! The perfect backdrop to our quick afternoon shoot. Esther chose the “instagram” package on my price sheet which you can see by clicking “Book Now” below.


Sarah had a great idea to play with some colour gels in the studio, sounded fun to me! Took a bit of trial and error but we got some pretty cool effects.


Christa messaged me a few weeks back asking about a shoot, She had never done anything like this before but really wanted to give it a shot. I told her to bring a few outfits and lets see what we can come up with, we got a total of 31 photos from this shoot! Needless to say Christa kicked ass! I love when people go out of their comfort zones to do great things.


I have seen Jasmine a thousand times on Instagram, I have always wanted to work with her but haven't, until now! Jasmine and I didn’t really have any ideas other then Studio and some outfits. I’d say we kicked some ass! Jasmine is a total natural to work with, full of poses and awesome expressions and not to mention just a blast to be around. I will defiantly be thinking of a great idea to work with Jasmine again in the near future.

Chelsie Gold

Chelsie Gold sent me a message the other day wanting to know if I had time to shoot this week, I am pretty busy with family shoots right now being fall and all but I enjoy shooting with Chelsie so I said why not. We had a few ideas in mind and I think we kicked some butt! Chelsie is a natural and I love having her in the studio. If you are interested in getting together in my small studio or outdoors, no experience necessary, please send me a message for my reasonable rates or check them out here BOOK NOW

Fall with Jasmine and Esther

I picked up a new lens yesterday and was dying to test it out so I sent a message to Jasmine wondering if she would like to shoot, I know she’s always up for a shoot but it was also her Birthday so I wasn’t sure if she had plans. Turned out she had 45 mins so we took full advantage of it. Esther came along too which was nice cause I havnt’t seen her since last spring. You’re probably wondering what lens I picked up (if your into that kind of stuff) well, It’s a 35mm Sigma art for Sony. It is SHARP! by far the sharpest lens I have ever owned but take a look below at the photos and judge for yourself.


Julia and I got together for a last minute shoot, We didn’t really have anything planned other then we were gonna go to a tunnel cause it was supposed to rain. Which it did so it was a good call on the tunnel. I always have a set of fairy lights in my camera bag and since it was getting dark fast I thought it would be fun to pull them out. We didn’t shoot long but We definitely got some great shots.


Kasey and I have shot together a couple times now.  She is very much into fitness and loves being on the water on a Paddle Board so, we thought what a great idea for our next shoot! A sunset paddle board shoot!  Shooting straight into the sun has its challenges but Kasey is a pro and we deifinalty nailed the shots we were after.


I have shot with Jasmine many times now but never with her sister Ashley. We all decided to head downtown and see what we could come up with. We started in the parking garage but I've never really had much there. It's dirty and low ceilings make for boring photo's. Just outside the parking garage are some cool alleys with some great graffiti. Makes for a great colourful shoot.


I had shot with Ashlyin last year downtown and a couple studio shots so when Ashlyin messaged me that she was back in town for school I had to get her in my studio. Her friend Megan came with her to watch, She has never been in front of the camera on a shoot before and was curious. I asked her if she would like to try some shots and its safe to say she's a natural.  


 Holly and I have shot together many times now over the years. Shooting with Holly is like getting together with an old friend, we always have so much to talk about, catching up from our last shoot together. Holly and I decided to go to Black Forest Park here in North Bay. She picked a couple dresses and we were off. I didn't find the bugs too bad but they sure liked Holly plus we were loosing sun fast so we didn't have much time to work with but we got some amazing shots as we always do.